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Why happiness makes perfect business sense

I mentioned in my last blog that I’m working on my book, The Happy Worker – How to find a job you love and love the job you have.

Some people might think focussing on happiness at work is a luxury in business. They think profit, doing a good job, being productive – those should be what the company focuses on and happiness is an accidental by-product, if you’re lucky.

I absolutely believe that the more you focus on happiness, the more successful your business will be.

There are some inspirational examples around of companies that do just this. Take Zappos in the US, for example. Their owner Tony Hsieh believes that companies with a higher sense of purpose outperform others by 400%. The company makes over $1bn annual turnover – proof that this ethos makes total business sense. I recommend you take a look at his website Delivering Happiness

Of course happiness means different things for different people. But if employees are able to be their true selves at work, and do what they naturally are in tune with, they will flourish in their jobs.

When people enjoy their work, are part of a good team, feel they are reaching their potential and that they can contribute, they will be motivated, enthusiastic, good employees. They will be productive, give great service, have initiative, and go above and beyond what they are asked – because they care.

If as a business owner you focus on the happiness of your staff, customers, bosses, stakeholders and communities, then you can only succeed.

Happy customers keep on buying; happy employees stay and give their best; happy bosses have vision and lead happy teams that perform; happy stakeholders continue to invest, and happy communities ensure your business is thriving by supplying both employees and customers.

You and all in your company deserve nothing less than happiness – and success. It makes perfect business sense.

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