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Who holds you accountable?

Who holds you accountable
We all know there’s lots of activities we should be doing in our business and most of the time we know exactly what they are! But knowing them and doing them are two very different things. A good example is creating content, like blog posts or writing sales letters; I use those examples because they are things I shy away from (and I know you do too!). Yet they are essential to business success and really need to be done, so how do we do that?

A great way to get stuff done is to get someone else to do it. Even if you don’t have staff, nowadays you can pretty much outsource anything in your business. For example, I actually dictate my blog posts, like the one you’re reading now. They’re transcribed and edited by a lovely chap at The Office Genie called Adam. And I had another appointment today with Laura from Tell My Story who’s creating a sales letter for me.

Now, I’m capable of doing both those things myself, but the point is that they don’t get done if I leave it to myself. I always find something that’s more urgent or more important (it rarely is!) and somehow these non-urgent yet important tasks don’t get done.

However, what’s much more important is that I made an appointment with another person, so I have to keep it. And that’s how it really gets done; accountability!

So who’s holding you accountable? Who makes sure that you do what you said you were going to do? There are various ways of getting accountability:

1. Get a Business Coach

As a business coach, I obviously think this is the best option. You will get one-on-one concentrated attention and you can work on your specific challenges. A business coach should come with a wealth of experience and advice, which will give you clarity and focus, and then they hold you accountable. This is a great option because they will help you decide what the right stuff to get done is as well as helping you get it done.

2. Be Part of a Business Group

These come in all shapes and sizes, such as Business Breakthrough, which I run. The idea is usually that like-minded business owners discuss stuff they’d like to get done in one meeting. In the next meeting, they report on their progress. The prospect of standing in front of a room full of people and admitting your failures is a wonderful motivator to take action. The added bonus is being able to draw on the experience of others.

3. Get a Business Buddy

This is the most informal and least expensive option (usually), but it’s also the hardest to get right. You’ll need to get lucky to find the person you can maintain a healthy relationship with while being honest and holding each other accountable. This is also usually the easiest option to wriggle out of. But if you find a good one you’ll be on to a winner.

4. Outsource

Like I mentioned earlier, outsourcing is a great way to get things done. Not only is someone else doing the work, but because you’ve spent money and have deadlines to meet, it becomes much easier to take action.

Regardless of what you choose, do something! The kind of person who can succeed without accountability is super-rare; like I said at the beginning, I’m not one of them. I’m not sure I’ve even ever met one.

As a business coach, all the people I work with are coming to me to find out how to get more stuff done! The vast majority of people can benefit hugely by getting accountability in their business, and the more you can get, the more you will achieve. Remember that I offer a free 30-minute business strategy call, so if you want to find out how I could help you get accountability, just email me and we can have a completely free no-obligation chat.

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