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When it’s time to move on

Bonnie and Coco
I’d like you to meet Bonnie and Coco. They’re our new 10-week old kittens, and they are just so cute. As you can imagine, we’re having a lot of fun with them.

But they’re not just fun. You could also call them our succession plan. You see, a few weeks ago we lost our lovely old cat Pushka and we had to decide about getting another to be company for the remaining one, Snoepie (Dutch for sweetie).

It got me thinking about what you do when something good ends and you lose what’s dear to you. I’m not talking about people here; that’s a different ball game altogether. I’m talking about something that can be more easily replaced. Because we have emotional bonds to all sorts of things – whether it’s a business product you’ve sold for a long time, items you’re fond of, or a pet you adore. It’s sad to say goodbye and let it go, and hard when it’s been good. But the one thing you can be sure of, is there’s nothing as constant as change.

It’s natural to mourn what you’ve lost, even when it’s a product that’s become outdated or that legislation has made redundant. I didn’t want to lose my much loved old cat; she saw me through some difficult times, and she is greatly missed.

But I had to face reality. I could still keep wishing I had her, or I could move on and think about what’s the positive I could focus on (and let me tell you, two little kittens are very positive indeed!).

And it’s the same in business. People in retail may worry about shops going bust, but it could be that instead a new life online develops, and lots of people are employed – just not from a shop. There are things you couldn’t do before, that now you can.

I believe it’s always good to look forward, to think about what opportunities you have. And because you enjoy or are happy with something new, it doesn’t mean you didn’t value what you lost.

The end of something can also herald the start of something new. Life continually moves forward, and you can move with it or stay stuck in the past.

Acknowledge the sad, mourn the loss, but remember to look then at the positive and move on.

Enough philosophising now, I think I’d better go and feed those kittens…

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