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The best job sites

Job sites

If you’re fed up with your job and want a new one, or if you’re looking to progress in your career and get that next step up, where do you go? In the ‘olden days’ you would scan the ads in the paper, register with recruitment agencies, attended career fairs or heard about job openings from people you knew. When you were very lucky, you got headhunted, either through an agency or directly from the company that wanted you.

Headhunting and personal networking are still the best way to get a new job, but apart from that, everything is now online. Companies, recruitment agencies, and candidates all turn to the internet for recruitment, but what are the best job sites out there?

The guys at did extensive research into precisely this subject, and even though it focuses mainly on the US market, I still think that the research is interesting and wanted to share their hard work. You can see their full article here, but I’ll just give you the highlights:

Personal contacts are still no 1

Despite all the work that is done online, most hiring is still done based on personal referrals. Steve Dalton, the program director for Daytime Career Services at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and author of The 2-Hour Job Search says: “It’s the black hole everybody thinks it is. For every one person hired through an online job application program, 12 are hired by an internal referral, according to a 2012 hiring study at the New York Fed.”

However, by combining the information from job sites with personal networking, you will give yourself the very best chance of success. So, using the right site will give you information about who is hiring, which companies are hiring in the city that you’re interested in and which companies are more time sensitive.

Best overall job site: Glassdoor

Maybe a site that’s not that well known in the UK, but one that’s worth looking at. Not only is it very user-friendly, with a clear layout and easy to use processes, Glassdoor also gives you reviews from current or past employees, as well as lots of information about the company.

Most comprehensive job site: Indeed

With a straightforward design and jobs that are free to post for employers, Indeed comes in at a very strong second place with its biggest advantage the breadth of jobs, consistently returning a greater number of results. It also has lots of filters you can apply (such as salary, job type and experience level), making it easier to find your perfect job.

Best for networking: LinkedIn

Though it has fewer job postings than either Glassdoor or Indeed, LinkedIn is best for networking, which is so essential when you’re looking for a new job. According to a 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey, 92% of recruiters polled said they used LinkedIn as part of their hiring process and 56% said they find their best candidates through social networks like LinkedIn.

Job-hunting tips from the experts

Protect your pedigree
Most recruiters look at a ‘new’ CV for a mere 6 seconds and they focus on the things you can’t change: where you went to school, where you worked before and what your job titles were. If ou’re looking for a similar job then that’s great, but if you’re looking to change your career, don’t bother about uploading your CV to loads of sites – you simply won’t get the interview.

Be pro-active, not reactive
Don’t wait for jobs to appear, create them yourself. Contact people directly, follow up and do everything you can to get that one-to-one contact with the person who’s hiring.

Find your best advocates
Find those people that will actively help you in your job search. There won’t be many of them, but once you’ve identified one (or more), nurture that relationship and make it work for you. Also think about hiring a career coach to help you.

Don’t give up
Job hunting can be quite soul destroying: in order to get a job, you need to be motivated and excited about it, which means that when you don’t get it, it can be very upsetting. But you simply have to go on. Get out of your comfort zone, as that’s where all the excitement happens.

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