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Over the years I have worked with many different people and businesses on business coaching or career coaching. Below is just a small selection of people who will tell you how the coaching has benefited them, and why they would recommend me. Click on the images below to see video testimonials, or just read the written ones.

You will also find lots of recommendations on LinkedIn, so please feel free to connect with me there and check them out too.

Business Coaching Testimonials

David Pinnock – MD of Mister Uniform
“I started by own business earlier this year and decided to work with Inge to help me grow it. I have found her coaching to be of immense value as it has helped me clarify my business offering and made me set up solid business processes. She has put me in touch with relevant and invaluable business contacts that have helped me improve the business and she also helped me with a sales presentation that landed me a large client worth thousands of pounds. Since working with her my turnover has increased by 30%. I would definitely recommend her services to any business owner who wants to grow their business. Her energy and enthusiasm will help you get through any difficult periods you might experience and you will feel better for it.”

Cathy Shay – HR Director of SXS Events
“We have used Inge as a business coach over the last year and now have her in on a regular basis to help us deal with anything that crops up. She is a fantastic sounding board and always comes up with a unique perspective and great ideas for tackling various issues. She is helped greatly with staff morale and motivation and offers one-on-one sessions with our staff to help them focus on achieving a happy and fulfilling career with us. I would not hesitate to recommend Inge to anyone who is looking for a regular “re-focus” and morale boost. She has the ability to accurately pinpoint the real issues. She makes overcoming obstacles seem an easy and enjoyable task rather than the overwhelming hurdle they can seem at the time.”

Ian Dodd – MD of Transport Management Solutions
“Since working with Inge Dowden Coaching last year, I have increased my business five-fold. This would not have been possible without taking a step back from the day-to-day business and re-evaluating what I was doing and where I wanted to go. I would highly recommend working with Inge if you’re serious about growing your business.”

Tom Lakos – Owner of Protom Fitness
“I would like to thank you for your very professional and tailor made business coaching. You are more than just a business coach; every time we had a meeting you did much more for me than just give directions about how to progress further. All the ideas and practices you gave me helped me to be a lot more proactive and open minded, and my business has flourished as a result. I am really looking forward to continue the sessions so I will see the sunshine after the heavy rain and get my positivity back.”

Barbara Harris – MD of Care2Improve
“I took advantage of Inge’s free introductory coaching session and it was very helpful. Inge’s goal is for everyone to be happy in their work and I had been feeling a little deflated, down and uncertain of my direction and what I should be doing. With Inge’s help I realised that I was actually on track; that I was where I wanted to be; that my goals and objectives were still very relevant. That made me feel really good and much more positive. Together we came up with some key action points and I feel like I’ve been wound up and ready to go again. I would have no hesitation in recommending Inge to others.”

Adam Davison – Graphic Designer at Brook11
“I recently had a session with Inge and I’m glad I did. I was having a little bit of an issue prioritising all the tasks that I needed to get done and was finding myself hesitating on my own projects and worrying that time was running out to get them done. Talking with Inge helped me to get things straight in my head and made me realise that I had plenty of time to do all the tasks. After the session, everything looked a lot clearer and I felt a lot more positive that the jobs that needed doing would be done and they have been! So thank you Inge, for making me see things more clearly.”

David Maxwell – owner at David Maxwell Hairdressing
“In my business, staff are incredibly important, because if a stylist leaves, they often take the clients with them. Through the work I’ve done with Inge, I have been able to retain key staff, improve staff morale and ultimately increase our sales and profits by 17%. I always look forward to my sessions with Inge as I know I will come out of them with fresh focus and enthusiasm.”

Chris & Sharon Barbour – owners at OMB Direct 
“Since working with Inge we’ve got a number of new clients through strategic partnerships, which is something we didn’t really explore before. Our cash flow has improved significantly and recently we’ve even turned a customer away, because they weren’t of the right calibre. Inge has done wonders for our confidence as well as our bottom line.”

Richard Ellis
“Working with Inge has been a pleasure and enlightenment. The process that we have been through has brought clarity to my day to day business operations, given me more time and has focused me on the profitable areas of my work. I would recommend wholeheartedly to both inexperienced and experienced business professionals.”

Career Coaching Testimonials

Ellen Grant
“Before I went to see Inge, I was feeling really stuck in what I was doing. I hadn’t found what it was that I wanted – working in charity and doing something that I could be proud of, and I was just plodding along. I needed some support to find a way of moving past this plodding stage, so I got in touch with Inge. Working with her has been really useful. She helped me find out what it was that I really wanted, and by focusing all my efforts on that, I managed to find my dream position. She then helped me prepare for the interview so that I felt really confident and knew what to say, and I got the job! I would really recommend Inge’s services to anyone who is feeling stuck and doesn’t know what to do next. It’s changed my life completely and I’ve achieved everything I’ve always wanted, thanks to Inge.”

Felicity Carroll
“Using Inge Dowden Coaching’s career coaching services has changed my life. I was a very bored, depressed and unfulfilled lawyer. I knew I was not happy and something had to change and a friend suggested a career coach. I found Inge Dowden Coaching on the internet and got in touch. Speaking to Inge on a regular basis firstly helped me focus my mind and make me realise what was important to me in life and what makes me, and would make me, happy. I realised I needed a change in career so that I could start enjoying 7 days a week of my life rather than just 2! Through talking to Inge I gradually worked out what I wanted to do career-wise. However, I then needed the courage to carry it out which I did not have initially. But talking to Inge gradually and miraculously got rid of the fear. Her perpetual encouragement, positivity and faith in me made the fear and negativity disappear and made me a much more motivated and positive person. She made me realise that it was important to, and I deserved to, have a life I thoroughly enjoyed. She had made a big change in her life too and her experience of this encouraged me to make one too. However, she was also great at being practical, and helping me think about my finances and the logistics of carrying out my plan, not just the ‘big ideas’ side of things. I now plan to go to Africa in the summer for an adventure and start a new career in London on my return. After years of greyness, suddenly the future is bright!”

Vicki Cowan
“I would thoroughly recommend Inge for personal careers coaching. Inge was such a massive help in getting me back on track in my career. She is so helpful, enthusiastic and genuinely cares about your happiness in your career. She allowed me to take the time and think about what I really wanted and helped me to focus on getting it. It was such a worthwhile process and money well spent. If you need guidance in making decisions about your career get in touch with Inge, she is brilliant!”

Chris Cherrill
“I have known Inge from Inge Dowden Coaching for several years now and during this time I have used her coaching services on several occasions. Sometimes it is not until a few months or years later that you start to see the benefits of her knowledge and advice. For me her coaching sessions made me take a long hard look at what I was doing with my business and also personally, so much so that I am now working for a charity and for the first time in my life I love every part of my job. Inge was able to give me an honest and sometimes difficult advice, but this helped me see the direction I wanted to go in. Thanks Inge and I highly recommend Inge Dowden Coaching.”

Jan Thompson
“Inge is the most patient woman you could ever wish to meet. She tries to see through your problems and let’s you talk till you’re hoarse but with absolutely tremendous results. I would recommend anyone who needs personal or business coaching to give this lady a ring. She’s FAB.”

Karen Hensman
“I have started working my way through Inge’s book and just wanted to say how useful I have found it. It is helping me to focus, to set goals and work towards them. The part for listing compliments received has been a bit of a revelation. Thank you Inge!”

Sally Hollis
“I found Inge incredibly easy to talk to and knew that whatever I told her, she would not judge me. She helped me to find answers to many questions that I could not answer for myself, and taught me new ways of looking at certain situations. Everything she said made sense to me and each session we focused on what I wanted to focus on. The tasks I was set were also really helpful. I had several “light bulb” moments whilst talking with Inge. I would highly recommend her as a coach.”

Andrew Clark
“Coaching with Inge has been an interesting experience for me. It’s helped me highlight the issues that I am experiencing, both in my personal life and my career. She has asked me some great questions, challenging me when necessary, to enable me to come up with my own solutions to the challenges that I face.
Inge has allowed me the freedom to take the sessions in a direction that suited me, often on tangents to my initial idea, whilst still making sure the time was put to good use. Most of all, I have found her positively contagious, and I would recommend using her skills to anyone looking to make some changes or find some answers to burning issues within their life.”

Anna Saunders
“Thanks to the coaching I have a lot more motivation and instead of procrastinating I’m now taking action and achieving things. I’ve noticed that I’ve done a lot more things from my to-do list and before the coaching I wouldn’t have done that. I’ve learned that I am a leader and this made me feel good, like I’m meant to do something with my life. I feel in control of my life.”

William Lawrence
“The coaching has been a very positive & enabling experience which has dealt with difficult aspects affecting my life in both professional & personal areas, in a clear focused way. I would recommend Inge as a career coach due to her very professional, supportive, friendly style, addressing the individual’s issues & needs in an appropriate person-focused way.”

Clare Hopkins
“I have really enjoyed working with Inge and have found her coaching very useful. I have brought a wide variety of issues to the coaching sessions, from relationships, setting up my business and business direction, to boosting my confidence. I have felt that Inge has worked with me very effectively in all these areas and supported me to find clarity and purpose, positive solutions and inspiring goals. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a career coach to others, as I feel she has a relaxed, friendly and professional style and makes you feel comfortable to explore often tricky issues, knowing she is guiding you through the process.”

Annette Jones
“I never thought that discussion could be so powerful or that I could have achieved what I did without Inge’s help. Inge helped me to identify my genuine concerns and goals, and focus my thinking and crystallise my commitment to achieving them. I achieved more in a shorter amount of time and felt more positive not only about achievements, but also about my ability to keep achieving challenging targets. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Inge Dowden Coaching in the future. Thank you, a very enjoyable and productive experience!”

Saskia K.
“Inge gave me many very useful and practical, custom-made questions so I could find answers and suggestions to change patterns I had before in order to set and approach my goals. Each session with Inge was extremely inspiring and helpful to me. Inge has an extremely good sense to provide the guidance of what I need to think about. I changed my point of view of things I had before and got to see clearly where I stand and where I want to go. I am deeply grateful to have been able to work with Inge. Inge was great in walking me through a period of great confusion in my life.”

Ally Crichton
“The impact of the coaching has been: a better sense of perspective and clearer sense of purpose, a more motivated outlook on my work situation and the way I approach new and sometimes difficult situations, and the knowledge that more often than not my instinct and intuition are right and to trust in that. Inge is an open and friendly person who automatically puts you at ease and makes you feel that you are not being judged. Inge has the ability to make you re-think situations and re-evaluate the way you deal with them.”