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To make life easy, I’ve put together everything you can buy (or get for free) from me in one handy place: the shop!

Click on the items below to find out more or to buy them.

And if there’s something you would like me to offer that isn’t on here, just contact me with your suggestion and I’ll look into it. I’m always open to new ideas, so feel free to send them my way.

The Happy Worker - Book

The Happy Worker

If you are unhappy at work and you’re looking for a change, then this is the book for you. It is packed full of tips and techniques to help you:

  • find out what you want
  • figure out your strengths and weaknesses
  • select jobs or companies that are perfect for you
  • update your CV so it stands out from the crowd
  • work on your time management skills
  • control your state of mind at any time
  • deal with change and even embrace it

Go to The Happy Worker to find out more, or to buy your paperback or Kindle copy from Amazon.


The Happy Worker - Workbook

The Happy Worker Workbook


This is the workbook that accompanies the book. It’s only by taking action that things will change in your life, and this workbook has all of the exercises from the book in one place, to make it super easy for you to get things done.  It contains the following exercises: 

  • find out what you want
  • wheel of life
  • be-do-have exercise
  • how to make a vision board
  • ideal job checklist
  • work priorities
  • toolkit of happiness

Go to The Happy Worker to find out more, or to buy your copy here.


Time Management Notepad

Time management notepad

If you want to make sure that you make the most of every day, you have to get very good at managing your activities. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have a very long to-do list, and that’s why this time management notepad is ideal. It will help you:

  • identify your ‘frog’
  • plan your 90 minutes
  • prioritise your to-dos
  • make sure you don’t get overwhelmed
  • plan for the next day



Individual DISC profile

DISC profile

Get your DISC profile and find out:

  • your strengths
  • your value to the team
  • your challenge areas
  • your personal growth suggestions
  • what you need to be at your very best



Individual DISC profile + 30 min coaching call

DISC profile

Get your DISC profile and a 30-minute coaching call and find out:

  • your strengths
  • your value to the team
  • your challenge areas
  • your personal growth suggestions
  • what you need to be at your very best

During the call you can discuss your personal situation and I can give you more in-depth advice about your profile and how best to use it.



DISC workshop

DISC workshop

The 1/2 day DISC workshop is ideal if you want to improve the performance of your team. It will help them to:

  • understand each other better
  • communicate more effectively
  • avoid conflict
  • improve their performance

I will do every team member’s DISC profile and send it to them beforehand. On the day of the workshop I will explain the DISC profile in great detail so that everyone will have a good understanding of it. We will then look at how your particular team is made up, how they can improve their performance, and what might be missing.

Prices are on request and depend on the number of people taking part, but it starts from £795 for 5 people.

Career Coaching Package 1: DIY

Career Coaching DIY

If you would like to change your career at your own pace and in your own time, then this Do-It-Yourself option is perfect for you. Get The Happy Worker book and workbook and work through the exercises yourself and get your DISC profile to find out your preferences, strengths and weaknesses.

To order, simply click on the links below, or save time and money and get the whole package (value £69.28) in one go.



Career Coaching Package 2: personal sessions

Coaching session with Inge

Personal coaching sessions will:

  • help you make progress quicker
  • allow you to get personal advice and support
  • help you to stay motivated and on track
  • hold you accountable

If you’ve started with the DIY package and have decided that you’d like one or more personal sessions, you’re more than welcome to book a one-off session or a series of three. They can be held on the phone, on Skype, or in person (in Bristol) and last an hour. If you book a series of sessions, you will also get action reminders, and you’ll be able to contact me if you need any help or support in between the sessions.





Career Coaching Package 3: Full Support

Full Support Package

If you know that you will get the best results when you have personal sessions with me, complete with all the materials and support in between, then the Full Support coaching package is right for you. You will get:

  • The Happy Worker book
  • The Happy Worker workbook
  • Personalised DISC profile
  • 1 x 90-minute coaching session
  • 3 x 60-minute coaching sessions
  • e-mail support in between the sessions
  • action and goal reminders in between the sessions

The sessions can be held on the phone, on Skype, or in person (in Bristol).