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Selling – the lifeblood of any business

I’m working hard at the moment to get new clients – it’s at the heart of any business and we all have to do it. Yes we are servicing our current clients, but it takes potential ones time to make up their minds, and we need to be constantly marketing, giving them the messages today, that will make them take action two months later.

It got me thinking about selling and what sales is all about. Ask a group of people what the word ‘salesperson’ means to them and you get plenty of negative connotations like being pushy, selling you what you don’t need, don’t know what they’re talking about.

But when people have a good experience, they say the salesperson really listened, knew their product and what they were talking about, had good suggestions and helped them solve a problem.

For me that’s the essence of selling, helping people solve their problems and satisfy their desires. And those are the two things your selling needs to focus on – needs or desires.

Apple is a good example of one of these. When the iPad came out, no-one needed it, people had PCs and phones. But Apple is very good at creating desire, and just look at all the iPad varieties now.

Of course we need to know our product well, all the features whether we’re selling monthly workshops or four door cars, but the benefits are the things that will solve their problems and selling is about helping clients understand your benefits.

For example in my work, no-one just says ‘oh I want some coaching today’, but getting new clients means I need to help people understand the benefits of it.

Benefits such as: make more profit, have a happy workforce, be less stressed, spend more time to be with the family, or go on holiday for the first time in three years.

Whatever your expertise, selling what you have to offer is not about being pushy and wheedling people into taking what they don’t want. You have something genuine to give that will help people fulfil their needs and desires, and help solve their problems.

That’s what a good salesperson does, and we are all salespeople for our businesses.

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