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New baby, new business. Here’s to a wonderful journey!

Like everyone else in the country I’ve been really happy to hear about Kate and William’s little boy. Whether you’re a royalist or not, a new baby is good news and a wonderful reason to rejoice.

New babies are rather like new businesses. They delight and entrance you – and they’re very hard work. I’m always excited when people tell me they’re starting a new business. They’ve gone through the early days with its apprehensions; is this the right time? When shall I give up my job? Will everything go well?

They’ve gone through the gestation period with its anxieties and uncertainties, as well as the hopes and excitement. They’ve pulled the plans together, worked out their ideas, named it, sorted the finance and taken the plunge. The baby is born…

It can be so rewarding 

Things don’t always turn out as we hope and I believe in celebrating the good things and being happy. Running your own business is not easy but it can be so rewarding. There are plenty of ‘why did I do this’ moments and remembering past comforts of being in employment. But you don’t get the same sense of achievement when you see it flourish, as you do when it’s your own business, knowing that you brought it to life.

It can be scary on your own and as a business coach I’m delighted to help in any way, and am a great believer in getting good professional support to ensure your business stays healthy.

And then of course it starts growing up. Ultimately you hope to arrive at the point where you have built a business that you can let go off into the world. Perhaps you will sell it, or have others run it while you go and play, and you are left with the satisfaction of knowing ‘I did that.’

So I wish Kate and Wills the very best of luck with this wonderful, challenging time. And I wish you the same with your new business – I hope it will grow strong and flourish.

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