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My Services

Coaching is all about the individual client’s needs, and I will always offer a bespoke coaching service to suit you and your company. Whether it’s just the business owner who wants coaching, a team of line managers or someone who is up for promotion, I will put together the right package for you. That can also be a combination of individual and group coaching. Here’s what I can do for you:

Executive coaching

This is suitable for business owners or members of staff who value one-to-one coaching or want to work in complete confidentiality. We will be able to focus 100% on you and achieve results fast.


DISC profiling

Personality profiling is very useful in recruitment, as well as in general people management. It helps identify personal strengths and challenge areas and can improve communication skills, avoid conflict and make you a more effective person.

The Happy Business Club

This is the boardroom for small business owners. Once a month a group of 20 people get together for training, coaching, accountability and mutual support.

Training & Workshops

I can organise training and workshops on a variety of topics, such as time management, sales skills, leadership skills, getting more customers, increasing profitability, communication, stress management, managing change and much more.

Career coaching

This is suitable for people who would like a change in career or who want to start their own business. By identifying what they really want and putting together an action plan to achieve it, they can make a successful transition.

Online coaching

When you are working with me you will also get support in between, generally by email. This is useful if you have a specific problem in between sessions or you want to get feedback on something. I also send out email reminders of your agreed actions.

Where and when

The coaching can take place in various ways and at various times.Sessions are available from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Face to face

Sessions can be held at my place in Bristol, at your premises or any other convenient location within the Bristol area. It’s good to get away from the office in particular, as then you’re sure you won’t be interrupted or disturbed.


This is the most efficient way to get coached when you have a busy diary: you are in the comfort of your own home or office, don’t need to travel and you can make plenty of notes. Also, there are no geographical limitations so you can be coached wherever you are in the world.

Monthly sessions

Coaching is a process and for best results you can have monthly sessions, with support in between. You need time in between to complete your agreed actions and once a month is the perfect time frame for focus. These sessions generally last 2 hours.

One-off strategy sessions

Sometimes you might want a coaching session to tackle a specific issue and in this case, a one-off strategy session is best. During 4 hours you can focus on your vision, marketing strategy or prepare for a presentation for example.

How to get started

If you would like to see if coaching is for you and if I can help, then why not sign up for a completely free initial session?

This will be 30 minutes on the phone and will give you a good idea of how I work and whether you’d like to be coached by me or not.