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Leadership test

Leadership: have you got what it takes?


If you’re running a business or even if you’re in charge of a team of people, you need to have good leadership skills. Do you believe that people are natural leaders? Or do you think that leadership skills can be taught?

Personally, I believe it’s a combination of the two. Sure, there are some people who are natural leaders to whom people look up and follow, but that doesn’t mean that if you’re not, you can never be a leader of any description.

What makes a great leader? Many studies have been done and books have been written about this very topic and there certainly are recognised traits of good leaders: someone who inspires others, who has drive and determination, is able to make decisions and who can generate ideas would be some of them.

But there are many more, and if you are in a position of leadership, it would be good to do this quick leadership test to see how great your own leadership skills are.

Download the Leadership Test (PDF) and feel free to share it with colleagues or business partners.

You may have identified one or two key areas that you need to work on, so take this opportunity and improve your leadership skills. And if you need the help of a leadership coach to do so, you know where to find me 🙂 As an executive coach I can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and together we can work on the areas that you’re maybe not so good at.

Remember that you can always book a free initial session with me if this is something that you think might be of help to you. Just email me and we’ll arrange a suitable time for the telephone session.

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