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How to keep on smiling

Business and tooth care may seem somewhat unrelated, but I discovered recently there are important similarities!

I had toothache and had to have root canal treatment. All very painful and annoying, but once it was sorted I was happy I’d done it.

It got me thinking – what do you do when your business is going through a painful time? Do you live with it, or do you do something about it?

If you want to avoid toothache, you go regularly to the dentist so that potential problems are spotted early on. The same principle applies to business. Regularly check up on what’s happening through people who are there to help and advise you – speak to your accountant and make sure you are properly updated; talk to your business coach and check you’re still following the right path for where you want your business to go.

If there are problems seek help and work out what to do as soon as possible, so that (to keep the tooth care analogy going) you don’t end up with an infection. Sometimes people are afraid and avoid tackling the issue – be it going to the dentist or facing a problem – but if you deal with it, you’ll find you can solve it.

Having root canal treatment was not my idea of a good time, but nevertheless I was glad I was there. It may be painful dealing with the problem but once it’s over, you can smile again.

So make sure you review your business on a regular basis with someone who fully understands your situation. If you are in trouble get specialist help and advice.

And to all the wonderful dentists and accountants and business advisers who keep us smiling – thank you!

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