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How fast is your boat?

This month I wanted to give you one simple tip that can really help you grow your business, and it comes from the inspirational Olympic Athlete Ben Hunt-Davis.

You may not have heard of him, but in 2000 he won Gold in the Sydney Olympics in the rowing Men’s Eight. And if that isn’t special enough, it was the first time since 1912 that the British had won the Gold in that discipline. There was a reason for that: every other country puts their best men in the Men’s Eight, but the British put their worst ones in there. So the expectation was low.

But Ben’s team had decided 4 years before to make some significant changes in order to get a different result. They made changes to their training routine, to their kit, to their diet, to their workout and even to their social life. And the one question they constantly asked themselves before they did anything, was “Will it make the boat go faster?”. If they thought it would, they would do it, and if they thought it wouldn’t, they wouldn’t do it. To the point where they didn’t even go to the opening ceremony, as it would have meant taking 5 hours out of their training schedule and missing a meal.

As a result of that dedication and focus, they won the race in spectacular fashion. If you have 6 minutes it’s well worth to watch that race.

Ben now runs a very successful performance improving business called Will it make the boat go faster.

My challenge to you this month is to come up with your own key question that you can ask yourself every time you have to make a decision about where you spend your time or your money in your business. Think about the one thing you really want to achieve in your business and turn that into your key question. It could be “will this make me my first million” or “will this help us move into bigger premises” or of course “will this help me grow my business”. I can guarantee you that if it’s a good one, it will soon focus you on the right things and you will see the results a lot quicker than Ben and his team did.

Let me know what you come up with and good luck with it!

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  1. Lydia Renty August 17, 2017 at 10:41 am #

    Thank you to you both for sharing these useful tips and the points you have made. I think sometimes it is good to take some time off and look back and see where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

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