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How do you climb a mountain?

Over the glorious Easter weekend, my husband Nick and I went for a walk in the Devon countryside. We’d picked a walk with a nice pub in the middle, and a beach at the end, so we were suitably excited about it.

As we set off, we realised that the walk wasn’t actually as easy as we first thought. In fact, the first hour consisted of an uphill-downhill-uphill trajectory that left me quite breathless. The only way I could carry on was to just watch my feet and take one step at a time (instead of looking ahead at the mountain I still had to climb).

And as I was climbing up the 3rd hill, it ocurred to me that a walk like that is very much like creating a successful business.

First you need to know what a successful business looks like: do you want to employ staff, do you want to work on your own, how much money do you want to make, you many hours do you want to work? It’s like planning a walk and looking at the different elements. In order to know how to get there, you first need to know where you want to go.

And then you start walking. You’ll have your map (business plan) and will take the first steps. They may be hard, and you may need to focus on the very small immediate steps you’re making, before you can stop for a moment and look at what you’ve accomplished and how far you still have to go. The route may go downhill as well as uphill, but as long as you keep sight of that pub in the middle or the beach at the end, you’re willing to keep going. And in the end, you’ll get where you want, and you’ll feel incredibly satisfied.

Success comes from reaching your destination, when all the while you have enjoyed the journey.

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