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Do you need a business coach?

People often ask me why someone would need a business coach. They think it’s a vanity thing to have one, or a waste of time and money. And I agree with them. Not everyone needs a business coach to help them grow their business. In fact, there are eight reasons why you don’t need a business coach:

1. You’re an Ideas Machine

Fresh, new and interesting ideas come to you easily. You never get stuck thinking in a loop. When you do get stuck, you’re able to take a step back and get a different perspective – think outside your box, so to speak.

2. You’ve Got a Sounding Board

There’s someone you can bounce ideas off. You might have a business or life partner, employee or friend, who gives you independent, non-judgemental, honest feedback backed up by sound business knowledge.

3. You Have Total Clarity of Vision

You know exactly what you want to achieve. Not in vague terms, like “have a successful business”, but a robust, complete, crystal-clear picture. You know exactly what it is, exactly when you’ll get there by, and nothing is going to distract you or get in your way.

4. You’ve Written Your Action Plan

You know how to take your long-term vision and break it down into achievable goals. You’re perfectly capable of setting deadlines and milestones and working backwards or forward to reach your goals.

5. You’re Great at Time Management

You know what is most important at all times and you stick to your priorities. You’re good at saying no when you have to. Your diary is packed out, colour-coded, and copes with the unexpected. You always get everything done with plenty of time to spare.

6. You Don’t Need Someone to Hold You Accountable

When you say you’re going to do something, you’ll do it. You don’t get distracted and you don’t procrastinate, you get things done. Just like you don’t need a Personal Trainer to get you exercising, you don’t need a business coach to hold you accountable and make sure that you stay on track.

7. Your Work Life Balance is Just Right

Because of your clear action plan and excellent time management, you have plenty of time to spend with family and loved ones, and to do the things you love like training for a marathon or learning a new language.

8. Your Business is Exactly Where You Want it to be

The business is growing as you planned. The finances are under control. You’ve got the right number of customers paying the right price. You’re making exactly the amount of money that you want.

If you can put a big, confident tick next to each of those (and your sounding board can confirm you’ve held yourself accountable) then you absolutely do not need a coach. A coach is (or should be) someone who can help you get clarity of vision and help you take the steps needed to get your business where you want it to be.

If you can’t honestly say that all eight of these points apply to you, then you might want to consider joining the thousands of successful business owners who do work with a business coach. Contact me for a completely free 30-minute business growth call to find out how working with me could improve your business and life.

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