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Creating the whole picture

One of the biggest mistakes you can make, in my view, is to just plod along, working away with a simple maxim like ‘I want to increase sales this year’ – because guess what, you’ll never find time for the things you really want to do.

Whether in your personal life or your business, I believe passionately in a holistic approach. It’s only February, so you still have time to think about the whole year, and if you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you’ll know I believe that planning is the key for success!

So right now I’ve been laying the foundations for my year, creating an overview and planning in all that is important to me – from time for holidays to my regular business networking, time to take care of my health to work training that will keep me at the top of my game and give me new skills and input.

I make it very practical, plotting in the foundation stones that are my priorities and underpin my work and personal life.

Then it’s all there on one A4, colour coded sheet for me to see at a glance – holidays, time for family, looking after my health, relaxing; and on the work front time for networking, courses, and my clients.

Holidays, you query? It’s one of my top priorities and should be everyone’s, and if you think you haven’t got the time or money, you’re mistaken. It doesn’t need to be costly, but you do need to take time to recharge, refocus and connect with family and friends.

No time to look after your health, exercise and keep yourself well? There’s a saying which sums up my view too – if you don’t make time for looking after your health now, you might have to make time for illness later.

Similarly with work. Plot in all the activities for the year; exhibitions, marketing, networking, sales. Be open to learning new things, and make time for a few training sessions that will help you develop.

I’m so inspired by all the Olympic athletes right now, and being Dutch am thrilled to see how well we’re doing (we had two ‘all orange podiums’ in the speedskating where we won Gold, Silver and Bronze!).

Single-minded dedication and focus – they’re crucial for Olympic athletes. For us more ordinary mortals they have their place too. But right now it’s the full picture I’m focused on, the whole, because that’s the way to make sure you achieve all that matters to you.

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