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Clear inbox – clear head

I have to say that today I’m very pleased with myself because I managed to get my email inbox down to zero! Everything’s filed, deleted, sorted and nothing lurks and niggles at the back of my mind. And that hasn’t happened for a really long time.

Now if you’re one of those rare, highly organised people who never needs to declutter – then this blog post is not for you. But for the rest of us (and I suspect we’re the majority) clearing out your emails or your desk can have a really positive effect on you. And that’s good for business success.

We all struggle with time management and when we have lots of things on our To Do lists, on the desk or in our Inbox, it weighs you down. Every time you see it, it’s a reminder of what you haven’t done.

It makes you feel bad and that’s not conducive to success.  You need to feel positive and on top of things for success but sometimes people are so overwhelmed with all their tasks and clutter, they feel unable to do anything.

It may be just clearing a desk, but somehow accomplishing these mundane tasks clears your mind and spurs you on to bigger things. It seems to clear your head, give you space for new ideas and actions, and I find it helps me get a lot more done.

Often it’s not something I plan. I just grab the opportunity when it pops up and I unexpectedly have spare time, say if a client changes a session. I really get a good positive feeling that I’ve accomplished something useful and it means I have a clear mind for my next project or day.

So pick one thing – your Inbox, your desk, or a few items from your To Do list. Have a good clear out because it will help give your head space for new things that can help your business move forward and grow.

What will you clear or de-clutter in the next week?

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