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Christmas gifts

It’s that time of the year when everyone is getting ready for Christmas. Presents are bought, food is prepared and families get together. It’s a magical time when peace and harmony reign and everyone gets along.

Or so they would have us believe.

In reality, Christmas is all of these things, but it can also bring a lot of stress. Families end up arguing, people worry about their finances and who has the experience to cook a meal for 15 people?

In order to keep things light and happy, just as they should be, I’ve written a short guide to having a stress free Christmas. If you’re feeling a bit on the edge, you might find some useful tips in there.

And no Christmas is complete without gifts, so please accept my very handy ice scraper for those frosty mornings when you can’t see through your windscreen.

If you want to give some gifts to other people, you might like to donate to some of the charities that I support.

First of all there is the Jessie May Trust. They are a local charity who help families with terminally ill children. They do wonderful work and rely on your support, and you can help them with a donation, however small.

Then there is the NSPCC who run Childline. With our BNI chapter we raised over £2000 for them this year, and we hope to continue this in 2012. You can help them by donating here.

And because I like to keep things light and funny, here’s a little clip of what Christmas 2.0 would look like, complete with Facebook and Twitter.

I wish you all a very merry and stress free Christmas and a happy and successful New Year.

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