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Change! It’s as sure as death and taxes…

I’m busy re-branding at the moment. I realised my existing brand didn’t reflect my current values, outlook and business activities anymore – though it was absolutely right at the time.

Sometimes we’re afraid to make big changes in our business, such as branding or product range or markets, because we were very committed to them once, and it almost feels like we’re saying we were wrong.

It wasn’t of course – but just because it was right then, doesn’t mean it’s right now. Never be afraid to change, to calibrate what you’ve been doing to where you are now.

Imagine it this way.  You’re sailing from England to New York and you’ve set your course, but the wind or the Gulf Stream starts changing your direction towards Barbados instead.  It’s not what you initially chose but it’s not necessarily wrong – so check your course, decide whether you still want to go to New York or if Barbados is a better option, make whatever alterations you need – and go for it wholeheartedly.

The thing is, like death and taxes, change is something you can be absolutely sure of. Even if you do nothing, things change around you whether you like it or not. You can embrace it and make it go your way, or you can wait until things are changed for you.

I believe absolutely in embracing change, probably because I’ve faced plenty of it. Instead of the family and two children I imagined I would have by 35 with my husband, I found myself redundant, divorced, and living in the Caribbean for two years.

And no, it wasn’t the wind that took me there – it was me. I decided after a time to take control of the changes that had been thrust on me, and I ended up fulfilling a dream and having an amazing two years.

Change will happen whatever we do, and by not being afraid, embracing the new opportunities and possibilities it brings, it enriches our lives more than we ever could have imagined.

So I’m working away on my rebrand and I feel very excited. It’s the next step in my business, a logical next step in this changing world of ours…


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One Response to Change! It’s as sure as death and taxes…

  1. Sabine Towers March 22, 2014 at 8:00 am #

    Dear Inge
    BRAVO à toi ! This article illustrates exactly my own experience! My children flew the nest, my (ex) husband moved out and found a newer model (very similar to the old one but with less mileage). Almost 5 years ago I went back home (France), bought a flat (I should say, a loan), had a job, readapted to this New country etc. (sailing towards New York) until …… the wind turned and ….. I lost my job! I didn’t sink but capsized! So, what did I do? To start with, I licked my wounds and cried a lot, then I started the process to find myself (not the old, married, mother, daughter, employee ….. but the 58 year old woman I became!) As you said, the world changes around us and thankfully, so do we! It took me a long time to find the new ‘slightly aged’ Sabine ! Once I found the 2014 Sabine, I decided to find a ‘new’ job ! Despite the economic situation, there are still some available!! the ‘old’ new Sabine reappeared so I looked for safe, comfortable and ‘old’ options!!! (old course in a new wind and still trying to get to NY) No luck there (of course, this is a new Sabine, a new environment so the old options don’t fit!) After a few months of adjustment I was ready to explore new options in order to find my new course …. AND I DID!!!! Today, I am my own boss, I followed an intense training in real estate and have joined a growing network of Estate Agents. It is a new venture (New boat heading not for NY but for Barbados !!) and I am VERY excited and ready to go! Inge, thanks for your advice, Congratulations on your achievements and I wish you all the possible success for the future! xxx

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