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Career Coaching

Are you looking for a career coach?

  • Are you fed up with your job?
  • Are you thinking about starting your own business?
  • Are you not sure what to do or how to do it?
  • Would you like support throughout this process?

Then join the thousands of successful people who have improved their life with the help of an executive career coach. Whether it’s to change your career or to start your own business, I can help you realise your goals.

Ask yourself: “Where will I be in 12 months’ time? Will I be living the life of my dreams, running my own business or working in my ideal job, or will I just be a year older and still do the same thing?”

If you’re not happy or fulfilled now, you can change. When you set powerful and exciting goals and take consistent action towards them, you will achieve everything you dream of. It might not always be easy, but help is at hand.

I am a fully qualified career coach who can help you clarify your goals, keep you focused and on track, support and encourage you when you need it and provide a sounding board for your dreams and realities.

Arrange a free session

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step. ~Chinese proverb

Take that first step today and request your completely free 30-minute coaching session with me.



You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

This telephone session will give you a chance to find out more about how I can help you, and whether I’m the right person for you. We will first have a short chat to find out what it is you want to achieve from career coaching and if it really is right for you. You can ask me how coaching works and what to expect from it. Then we’ll arrange the free session for about a week later. I’ll ask you to fill in a questionnaire beforehand, which is designed to get you thinking about your goals and get the most benefit from the session.

For the first time in 8 years I wasn’t facing the New Year with dread and depression about having to do the same thing again. Thanks to Inge I now feel excited about my future and I know that with her support and encouragement, I will get the life I always dreamed of. ~ Felicity Carroll

Often our goals fall by the wayside. Things like having a great job, having a good work/life balance or being financially independent. All too often the daily stress gets in the way of clear thinking and feeling motivated.

What is career coaching?

In order to keep on track and reach your goals, you need willpower, motivation, encouragement as well as an exciting reward at the end! Some people want do this all by themselves; others really appreciate a helping hand. A career coach is your helping hand.

Together with your coach you will:

  • set powerful and exciting goals
  • find your strengths
  • identify any areas for improvement
  • discover practical steps that you can take
  • keep focused, motivated and on track

You can also read my blog post What is career coaching?

I never thought that discussion could be so powerful or that I could have achieved what I did without Inge’s help. ~ Annette Jones

Career coaching testimonial

Ellen came to me at the end of 2015, feeling unfulfilled in her job and unsure about what she wanted to do instead. After the first coaching session she had a crystal clear idea about her dream job, which she subsequently found and got an interview for. The second session was used to prepare her for the interview, to make sure she felt confident and would say all the right things. This clearly worked, as the third session was used to prepare her for the job. She managed to go from not knowing what to do, to finding her dream job, in three months.

The secret of Ellen’s success was that she took action. First of all by deciding to get professional help from me, but then by doing all the things she needed to do (find out what she really wanted, research jobs, work on her confidence, etc.). And it all started with a free session!

Click here for more career coaching testimonials.

Be inspired

If you want to be inspired to take action to change your career and live a great life, I invite you to sign up for my free career tips and guides which are sent out once a month. There is absolutely no obligation to pay for anything and you can unsubscribe at any time. But I’m sure you won’t, as even following the simple step-by-step guides can make a dramatic difference to your life.



Give yourself the gift of support and encouragement for your dreams

Imagine what it would feel like to share your passion with someone who is not only non-judgemental, but also extremely supportive and encouraging. Someone who will help you to focus on the positives and move you forward.

You can also get my book “The Happy Worker – How to find a Job you Love and Love the Job you Have” which gives lots of practical advice and tips to help you be happier at work, either by changing your job or career, or by changing your mindset. It’s available from Amazon, from my shop and from the website Happy Worker

And if you want to hear me talk about it, you can listen to an interview I did on Jobs Radio about the book.
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Inge is an open and friendly person who automatically puts you at ease and makes you feel that you are not being judged. Inge has the ability to make you re-think situations and re-evaluate the way you deal with them. ~ Ally Crichton