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Action hero or dreamer?

Which one are you?

There are a lot of people out there who have dreams: from big dreams such as a better future for themselves and their kids, to small dreams such as making the perfect cupcake for mother’s day.

I love dreaming and I think it’s a highly underrated activity in our society. Who doesn’t know of the kid who gets berated for being “with his head in the clouds” or the employee who gets chastised for staring out of the window? Dreaming is a way of visualising your desired future. In your dreams anything is possible: you can climb Mount Everest, be a millionnaire, run the fastest lap and make that perfect cup cake.

Yet some people get stuck in that wonderful dream land, or “some day island” as I’d like to call it. They keep saying to themselves “some day I’m going to climb Mount Everest” or “some day I’m going to run my own successful business”. But they don’t do anything about it.

And this is where the action hero comes in. The action hero is the person who doesn’t hang about thinking about things, but who takes action to make these things happen. They make a plan and then take the first step towards achieving it. Once they’ve taken the first step, they take another one, and so on. And if they encounter a barrier, they just think of ways to get around that barrier, and then DO IT.

So in answer to the question “Action hero or dreamer, which one are you?” I hope that you will answer: “A bit of both”. Take some time to dream about what you would like to do. Make it vivid and imagine yourself really achieving it. If this dream is really exciting for you and you want to make it happen, then start taking the actions to do so.

So, now that you’re ready to take some action: here’s a quick little tool that you can use whenever you want to kickstart your life or business:

Take Action

Click here to start your "take action module"

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