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15 Ways to manage your time wisely

15 ways to manage your time wisely
Today’s blog post comes courtesy of guest writer Donna Norton who writes for a blog called Customer Writing Service.

Many people struggle with time management (or activity management as it should really be called) and my time management guide is one of the more popular ones I’ve written. There are lots of tools out there to help you with this, and I liked the way she represented her tips in a nice infographic, so I am happy to share it with you all.

Click here for the full article: 15 WAYS TO MANAGE YOUR TIME WISELY

I thought I’d also highlight some of the ones she mentions:

Track your work

When you find you’re constantly behind schedule and you never have enough time, it’s a good idea to ‘time write’ for a week or so. It’s very tedious and makes you want to poke your eyes with a hot stick, but trust me, it’s worth it. You’ll find out how long things really take, and what you’re really spending your time on. Track it in blocks of 15 minutes or so, make a spreadsheet and then be prepared to be shocked at the end of the week.

Turning off your phone and your email notifications will give you a surprising amount of head space to get things done much more quickly. The fact is that every time you’re interrupted (or are interrupting yourself by quickly checking your emails or flicking through Facebook), it takes at least 10 minutes to get back to what you were doing. You’ll know this when you’ve done the time writing exercise I mentioned earlier. When you can concentrate, you’ll get things done much quicker (and then you’ll have more time for the other stuff).

This is another one of my favourites. Don’t try to do everything yourself. And even when you’re a sole trader and don’t have anyone to delegate to, you can outsource. If you can focus on the tasks that you’re really good at (and that you probably enjoy) you will fly through your to-do list like there’s no tomorrow. So find people or services that can help you with the tasks that you’re not good at and that you don’t enjoy. Maybe it’s the bookkeeping, or the selling, or the updating of the website? Or writing blog posts, creating marketing material or dealing with your emails. You can get help with any of these tasks, and often at a reasonable price too.

And here’s a quick plug for my services: a business coach can help you get clarity about what’s most important for you and help you stay focused and on track, so you will get to where you want to be must faster than if you did it on your own. Remember that you can always book a free initial session with me if this is something that you think might be of help to you. Just email me and we’ll arrange a suitable time for the telephone session.

So these are some of Donna’s and my top tips to manage your time wisely. What are you doing that is working particularly well? What stops you procrastinating and helps you get loads done? Feel free to share it with us so you can help others too. Thanks!

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